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Oct 11 2018

Version 5.0.15 (Release 2 at 15.10.2018)

System changes

  • ATTENTION: Due to licensing and organizational reasons, database drivers will no longer be delivered. These must now be installed separately manually. (see 5.0.13)


  • A user interface to check database queries has been created
  • A user interface to check LDAP queries has been created
  • The new type "Other (JDBC)" has been created for database connections. This can be used for other databases than previously available.
  • Performance optimizations when using Base64 images in the action "Word (Fill)" 
  • The input field for changing passwords is now displayed if it is automatically filled by the browser


  • The statistics works again even if a status change is performed in the "Received" status
  • The naming of the field "Timeout" for database connections has been adjusted. Contrary to the former label, the value is given in seconds.
  • Inserting the signature as image works again in the action "Word (Fill)"


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