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Nov 13 2018

Version 5.0.17 (Release at 12.11.2018)

System changes

  • ATTENTION: Due to licensing and organizational reasons, database drivers will no longer be delivered. These must now be installed separately manually. (see 5.0.13)


  • Within the file, the new configuration parameter "defaults.url.loopback.base" is interpreted to indicate an alternate loopback URL. This represents the URL under which the application can be called by the server itself and is used for corresponding calls (e.g. print plug-in). (Example: http:localhost:8080/formcycle/)


  • When exporting XML in the mailbox, a optional selected XSL template is now correctly applied again
  • When uploading and running SQL scripts in the management interface of database connections, the uploaded file is now treated as UTF-8 encoded. Here before the platform coding was used.
  • If an Kerberos login was unsuccessful, an error tempalte is not delivered anymore because it was not displayed in most browsers and caused duplicated HTML in some constellations (Apache Tomcat over Apache web server using mod_jk).
  • When activating another form version, the URLs for the designer and the preview in the form menu are now updated immediately after saving.


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