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Email templates are used by workflow actions of type Email, as well as for sending system mails such as password recovery mails. 

To use mail templates with action of type Email, you need to enter the template variables for the template as the content of the mail. For example, when the mail template has been called mail_demo, the mail's content must be [%$$mail_demo%].

Furthermore, variables can be used with these templates, eg. in order to add a link to the form or inserting the value of certain form fields.

Depending on the client, two or three system templates are available initially. You can also create your own custom templates.

  • User created
    Used for sending login information to users when their account has been created.
  • User created (LDAP)
    Used for sending login information when an LDAP user account has been created. As it is not possible to send the password from an LDAP account, a different mail template is used.
  • Reset password
    Used for sending password recovery mails to users.

Reseting a template

You can reset a template to its default by clicking on Reset template. All changes will be lost and cannot be restored.

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