Form properties

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User interface for modifying form settings.

The form properties section allows you to change basic settings such as the default CSS layout, the form's maximum width and the error style for invalid form fields.

LayoutDetermines the layout of the form. The selection classic theme is always available. CSS Templates are also displayed in the list. After selecting a new layout it is applied to the current form immediately.
Modern themeApplies some default styles that make the form look smoother. It also renders checkboxes with custom icons.
Show errorsSpecifies how errors are displayed. Please refer to the help pages on error handling.
Max. widthMaximum width of the form in pixels.
Min. widthMinimum width of the form in pixels. This options determines at what size items are no longer fitted to the browser window size. If the width of the browser window is smaller than the specified value, all items retain their original size. The browser now displays scrollbars for navigation when the items are larger than the browser window. If the width of the browser window is larger than the specified value, all item are scaled proportionally so that the form fits the browser window.
Responsive atWidth when the page is displayed in responsive mode. If the width of the browser window is smaller than the specified value, optimizations for mobile devices are applied. All items grouped together in rows are rearranged vertically such that each form field is on its own row.
Backup fromForm version that is displayed and can be edited.
Show logoWhether the Xima® Formcycle logo should be shown below the form or not.
Save to local fileClick this button to save a local copy of the form. This can be used as a backup.
Load from  local fileSelect a local copy of the form to upload. This will replace the current form with the form you selected.
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