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HTML templates are used by actions of type response page and can be displayed to the user after a form has been submitted.

Initially several system templates are available, which are created automatically when a new client is created. They cannot be deleted. See also error messages.

HTML system templates are mainly used for system messages such as informing the user about error during login etc. Their content can be changed as required.

Available templates

The following system templates are available.

  • general error
    Possible error message while opening or sending the form.
  • login necessary
    If the requested form is verified and the current user is not signed in, this text block will be displayed.
  • login failed
    The login was not successful.
  • data set not found
    The requested data set could not be found. This crops up, when you try to open an established process with the wrong process ID.
  • information
    Contains the information of the system, which are gained via the button information.
  • resource not found
    The requested resources could not be found, possibly because of a wrong or incomplete link.
  • resource offline
    The requested resource is not online (yet).
  • sending successful
    The form data was submitted successfully.
  • sending failed
    The form data could not be submitted.
  • invalid form data
    The sent form data are invalid. Wrong form data were sent to the server.
  • invalid request
    A wrong data type or a faulty request was sent to the server.
  • BOT detected
    An attempt was made to send data illegal (e.g. trough automated bots).

Resetting templates

System templates can be reset to their initial content by clicking on the corresponding button. All changes will be lost!

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