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User interface for uploading custom plugins on the client plugin management page

You can add custom functionality to Xima® Formcycle by uploading custom plugins written in Java on the system plugin management page.

A Xima® Formcycle plugin must meet these requirements:

A thorough introduction on how to write your own plugins is also available.

Uploading a plugin bundle

Click the browse button and select the JAR file to upload the plugin. The field bundle name will show the file name of the uploaded file.

Finally, click save or the plugin will not be registered.

While saving, the system will scan the JAR file for implementations of one of the above-mentioned interfaces that will then be available.

Should the JAR file not contain at least of Xima® Formcycle's plugin interfaces, the plugin will be discarded and will not be available.

Contained plugin

This table lists all the Xima® Formcycle plugin interface implementation contained in this plugin bundle, as well as their type.

To show a short description of the plugin in this table, the interface may optionally implement the interface IDescriptionProvidingPlugin.


All global properties of the plugin bundle (bundle-global) can be seen and modified here. New entries can be added, existing entries modified or removed.

A plugin developer may also choose to implement the interface IBundleProperties, which will enable the plugin bundle property configuration.

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