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Default language for forms, when no language has been specified such as by URL parameters.

This setting does not affect the language of the configuration interface of Xima® Formcycle, which will be determined either automatically by the browser's preferred language, or it can be chosen manually on the sign in page.

  • Base URL
    The base URL is used as the first part of the URL that will be used to open forms. Users of the form should be able to access this URL. For example, when the base URL has been set to, the URL to the form would look like this:<clientId>/<formName>
  • Description
    An optional short description for this client.

Mail settings

A mail server should be setup for each client. When no mail server has been configured, the system mail server will be used when it is available. When no mail server is available, the following services will be deactivated:

The following mail server options can be changed.

Mail server

The mail server used for sending mails of this client. Mails will be sent by actions of type email and by the system when a password needs to be reset.


The SMTP port to be used. When not port is specified, the default SMPT port 25 will be used.

Authorization required

When the mail server requires authorization, enable this option and enter the username and the password.

Sender address (System)

The mail address to be used as the sender address (mail form) for mails sent by the systen, eg. for password recovery mails.

User management

Change how users and user data should be managed.

System only

Users will be managed only by Xima® Formcycle. Users can be added or removed on the user management pages.

LDAP and System

When you create a new users, you can choose whether the user should be linked to an LDAP account.

LDAP only

All users are taken from LDAP account and cannot be created manually.

Changing the user management settings

Changing how users are managed can be done at any time. However, you should check whether all unauthorized users have been removed.

  • Transitioning from System only to LDAP and System or LDAP only
    All existing users will be kept and can still sign in. Check whether these users should be removed.
  • Transitioning from LDAP and System or LDAP to System
    All LDAP users are still referenced in the user management, but will not be able to sign in anymore and should be removed, unless you intend to change back LDAP at a later time.
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