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In the script tab Javascript "jQuery" is used. 

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Element selection

in the next section to get an overview of "select elements using jQuery". 

  • The name of a form element given in basic features of the Xima® Formcycle Designer, is given the value of the attribute name in the DOM. So in order to select a text box with the name tf1, write: $('[name="tf1"]').
  • Under attributes, an element can be assigned user-specific HTML attributes in the Xima® Formcycle Designer. This can be accessed as usual: $('[attribute=value]')
  • Some form elements consist of the actual HTML element (e.g. input field) and an HTML element (e.g. span) for the label. In order to select both the attribute xn can be used. $('[xn="tf1"]').
  • Each type of form element (e.g. page, text area, button, check box, ...) has a certain CSS class. Should one wish to select all the input fields contained in a fieldset , one can write: $('.XFieldSet .XTextField').
  • The id should not be used directly for elements selection since it is generated dynamically by Xima® Formcycle and can be changed at any time. For this reason, the attribute xi should not be used either as it is an internal ID of Xima® Formcycle.
  • Should variables in the Xima® Formcycle Designer be assigned, a hidden inputfield is generated which can also be accessed by the name attribute. See variables area.


Ctrl + Spacebar

Auto-complete makes it easier to select items by name in the script pane. 

To use this function, you must enter the $ sign and the first letter of the element name. Now you can press the key combination Ctrl + Spacebar and you get a selection of available form elements. 

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