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Der Bereich Übersicht mit allen verfügbaren Einstellungen.

Section details

  • Title
    The form's title. It will be also be shown as the page title in the browser.
  • Alias
    A name for the form that must be unique. It will be used as part of the link for opening the form.
  • Group
    Currently, the group name is used only for searching forms.
  • Only editable by
    Select the user groupds that may view or edit the form. When no user group has been selected, all users belonging to the current client can access and edit the form.
  • Anonymous submission
    When this option is turned on, no user related data will be logged when forms are submitted.

Section inbox

  • Form records
    This shows the total number of form records in the inbox and the number of unread form records.
  • Expand
    Additional options are available after clicking on this button.
    • Default inbox
      All forms that have been submitted are put as form records in the inbox. When this setting has not been changed, all form records will be put to the system inbox Standard inbox. This option allows you to change the inbox.
    • State after resubmission
      Select the state of forms will have after they are resubmitted. A form can be submitted again, either from the inbox or by opening an appropriate link. Note that resubmitted forms will not take the system state Received. This can be used to distinguish between forms that are submitted for the first time and forms that are submitted again to perform the appropriate actions.
    • State transitions in the inbox
      Whether users are allowed to perform state state transitions for form records of this form in the Inbox.

Section History

This section provides a quick overview about the recent activity of this form.

  • Request
    Number of times the form has been opened.
  • Submits
    Number of times the form has been submitted.
  • Errors
    Number of times an error has occurred while processing submitted forms.

Section Availability

  • Online
    Whether this form is available. When a user attempts to open a form that has been set to offline, an error message is displayed.
  • Master server
    Provides links for opening the form via the master server.
  • Restrict access with NTLM login
    When this options is activated, the form can be opened only with a valid domain login. Available only for licenses with the option NTLM.
  • Only available for
    The remaining time the form will be available. By default, there is no time limit.
  • Only editable by
    Only users belonging to the selected user groups may access, edit, or submit this form. An error message is displayed when an unauthorized user attempts to open the form.
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