Hidden input fields

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This tab allows you to create input fields that are hidden from the user. They can be used, for example, for transmitting or saving data generated via Javascript.

When necessary, hidden input fields can be made available only on the server, such that they cannot be read from and written to on the client's browser. You can also enter a default value for each hidden input fields in the last column.

These hidden input fields are implemented as a <input type = "hidden"> element.

Like normal input fields, these can be addressed by their name and their values can be changed. Server side hidden input fields need to be addressed by their alias, which may be different from their name.

Client side hidden input fields can be prefilled by adding URL parameters with the input field's name as the key.

When using the auto complete function in the script tab, hidden input fields are shown in italics.

For each hidden input field, the following options can be set:

  • Server side only
    Whether this hidden input field will not be available on the client side, ie. whether it cannot be accessed via Javascript in the user's browser.
  • Name
    The name of the hidden input field, as used on the client's side.
  • Alias
    The name of the hidden input field, as used on the server's side.
  • Default value
    Default value of the hidden input field.
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