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A form administrates several versions of a form. According to whether a form is created new, derived or edited, single versions are created, which in turn can be edited or derived.

  • Create
    Creates a new version
  • Duplicate
    Copies the latest marked version. This copied version is not activaded automatically.
  • Edit
    Open the latest marked version in the Xima® Formcycle Designer to edit
  • Preview
    Shows the latest marked version in the preview 
  • Delete
    Deletes the latest marked version. Active versions cannot be deleted. To delete the active version, activate another version before.

When you create a form, the first form version is engendered automatically. As a rule the latest version is duplicated and activated after a certain period. The older version represents an older status, which can be loaded again if required.

In addition you can also export the form and so create backups.

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